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Meerveld Osteopathy Leiden (English)

Meerveld osteopathy Leiden, the clinic of Registered Osteopath Brian Meerveld DO-MRO. We provide quality treatment, rehabilitation and advice for musculoskeletal complaints and disorders .

We provide a treatment approach always tailored to each individual patient’s presentation and needs. This always leads to great results in pain reduction and resolution and an increase in the patient’s overall health moving forwards.

Osteopath Brian Meerveld can help with:

Back and neck pain/stiffness
Headaches and migraine dizziness
Sports injuries
Shoulder pain and injuries
Abdominal discomfort
Pregnancy-related pain
Nerve compression and entrapment

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Brian Meerveld


Brian Meerveld (1971), DO-MRO Osteopath is a recognized and registered osteopath. He has been working for years in the ATL health centre in Leiden.

After a career as a physiotherapist / practice owner, he graduated as an osteopath in 2007. Brian treats adults and children alike. He has different certifications and specializations. For example, he is a certified pediatric osteopath and a certified sports osteopath.

For the past eight years, Brian has specialized in treating back and neck complaints as well as headaches.

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The osteopath starts from the idea that the human body is a unit. The body is made up of different systems that keep each other in balance and has a natural ability to resolve faults.

Sometimes the body is disturbed and there is a loss of movement, for example due to an accident, illness, surgery, stress or dietary habits. Then the body needs help to restore this movement restriction. An osteopath can help you with this. By examining joints, muscles and connective tissue for mobility. In case of loss of movement, which is related to the complaint, the osteopath will proceed to treatment.

Before treatment

In order to treat you as best as possible, it is important to bring a few items to every appointment. These are listed below:

Intake form

On your first appointment, please bring the filled in intake form with you printed on paper.

Intake form

Valid ID

Treatment providers are required by law to establish the identity of the insurance policy holder. This can be done through an ID card, passport or driver's license.


For your and our hygiene, we kindly ask you to bring a clean towel, preferably of larger size.

“To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.”
A.T. Still MD

After treatment

At each visit, I treat the whole person. To treat only the area of complaint, misses the point. To be effective I need to find where the “problem” actually lies. The symptoms may be in one location, but the “cause” often lies in another. It is for this reason that we describe ourself as “holistic.”

I know when the treatment is finished because the tissues become quiet. There is a sense of smooth fluid continuity. The body has stopped fighting itself; it is congruous and resonant, without interference patterns. Unity of Function becomes dominant. Each treatment takes between 30 – 40 minutes.

Because osteopathic treatment alters the dynamics of tensions held by the tissues, I recommend that patients be careful for the first two days after each treatment. The following is a handout I give each patient at the end of their first visit:


After each treatment it is a good idea to walk for 5-10 minutes before getting in your car. Walking will help your body settle into its new balance. Traffic can be stressful, and depending upon your particular situation, may cause your tissues to tighten up again…so take the time to walk first.


Although you may feel great (perhaps better than you have felt for years), your body remains in a vulnerable state for several hours. You may feel you can do anything. DO NOT. Let your body rest and heal. Though your body has been restored to a more normal state of functioning, it has not yet healed. Healing takes time. Treat your body with respect. Avoid any strenuous activity, especially sudden jolting movements, for one or two days after each treatment.

Drink water

Drink plenty of water for one to two days following your treatment. Some patients have reported feeling severely fatigued. As your tissues free up, previously trapped metabolites may be released into your bloodstream. It is a good idea to flush them out.

You may feel sore

Depending upon your particular problems, you may feel some soreness initially. This is a typical response and means your body is adjusting. If it lasts for more than a few days, please call our office or e-mail us directly.

Avoid over-treatment

Too much treatment in too short an interval can be overstimulating. Avoid acupuncture, physical therapy, massage or other types of physical treatment for a day or so after each treatment.

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Brian Meerveld is a registered osteopath. He is a member of the NOF – Nederlandse Osteopathie Federatie (Dutch Osteopathy Federation) and the SWOO – Stichting Wetenschappelijk Osteopatisch Onderzoek (Foundation for Osteopathic Scientific Research). His registration numbers can be found below. 

nederlandse osteopathie federatie logo Meerveld Osteopathie Leiden afbeelding
Dutch Osteopathy Federation
LOGO SWOO FC Meerveld Osteopathie Leiden afbeelding
Foundation for Osteopathic Scientific Research

KVK (Chamber of Commerce) – 27349805

Practice – 90-15534

AGB – 90-036863

NOF (Dutch Osteopathy Federation) – 200707.8


If you would like to know whether or not osteopathy is covered in your medical plan, please consult your insurance company. If you have a Dutch insurance company, you may click the button below for more information.




50 minutes





15 minutes

Short Evaluation
Short Treatment
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Children < 14



35 minutes


More information

If you require more information or need an appointment, please contact us. The contact details can be found here: